• by Thomas Cashman
  • 2020-10-15 12:00:00 +0000

mini2Dx 2.0.0 Status Update


We’ve just pushed 2.0.0-alpha.34. A lot of changes have been going into the alpha versions to support more types of games and more complex usage.

The biggest change is the introduction of Mdx.timestepMode which allows developers to change their game’s timestep to use normal deltas (time since last frame) or a physics-based timestep implementing the updatePhysics method in their game. Previously, mini2Dx forced developers to use a physics-based approach but this is not ideal for all games. Now developers have the flexibility to choose their timestep based on their game.

Artifact ID Changes

Github Packages have started to enforce lowercase for all artifacts. As such, from 2.0.0-alpha.34, the artifact IDs in the your Gradle dependencies will need to be lowercase.

Your dependencies should look like:

        compile "org.mini2Dx:mini2dx-core:$mini2DxVersion"
        compile "org.mini2Dx:mini2dx-tiled:$mini2DxVersion"

Beta Timeline

We have an internal deadline of December for a project to provide the consoles runtime on. There’s a good few optimisations and bug fixes to be done but once everything is stable-ish, we’ll be releasing the mini2Dx 2.0 beta along with the new website!

In the meantime, make sure to join our community on Discord!

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