What is mini2Dx

mini2Dx is an open-source beginner-friendly, master-ready framework for rapidly prototyping and building 2D games in Java.

Write once, play everywhere

Code your game in Java and release it on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. With more platforms coming soon.

Easy for beginners

Quick-start tools, tutorials and examples to help beginners get started.

Powerful for masters

Powerful APIs and extensive documentation for experienced developers.

Free and open-source

There's no fee for using mini2Dx. The source code is publicly available under the BSD 3 Clause License.

Made with mini2Dx

mini2Dx features

Simplified Rendering

A easy rendering API combined with sprite animation, particle effect and screen transition features.

Gameplay Utilities

Powerful geometry classes, collision detection utilities and Tiled support with built-in collision mapping.

Programming Patterns

Classes for game programming patterns such as message queues, dependency injection and object pooling

Cross-platform API

Shared code and assets across platforms. The framework abstracts away platform-specific code and bindings so you can focus on your game's logic.

User Interfaces

mini2Dx's responsive UI framework allows you to write your UI once and automatically change to suit the player's platform and input method.

Embedded Scripting

Easily embed Groovy, Ruby, Python or Lua as a scripting language for your game. Script your game objects or even provide a modding API to your players.

mini2Dx is game programming simplified

An easy to use API with powerful features and plugins to help you build your next game